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How it got started...


Hi there, this is Ruth from Seniman Calligraphy and thank you so much for visiting my website!

I've been great with my hands for as long as I can remember. Drawing, painting, sketching, lettering, you name it and I'm most likely into it! I have a collection of high-school journals to prove it and a degree in Interior Architecture thanks to it.

Smash cut to my adult life. I got a little carried away with DIY on my own wedding. I made our wedding invite suite (with watercolor and acetone transfer), our dinner menu, and even took our own engagement portraits!

And it was fun!!!!!

Back then, my only regret was I had no idea how to do calligraphy with a dip pen. I drooled over them - still drooling, really. But those pens and gorgeous writings looked so intimidating!

Long story short, I finally took some time to learn how to use those scary nibs and immediately I was hooked. I got the calligraphy bug. I took the plunged and make an Instagram account to exclusively promote my calligraphy. I thought I'll be able to get a few gigs here and there, a little pocket money for something I love to do. But one thing lead to another, each project open a door to another one, and in less than a year I'm lucky enough to be featured in Style Me Pretty (2015) and (2016), Cottage Hills Magazine (2015), Weddings Sparrow (2015), Magnolia Rouge(2015), Inside Weddings (2015), and many more. So I decided to be fully committed in calligraphy.

Now I ran my calligraphy studio from our tiny loft in Downtown Los Angeles; cranking out invitation suites, mailing those vow books all over the country, and hosting calligraphy workshops in our humble apartment. 

Considering I can't turn back the time, the least I can do is make sure that future brides have elegant calligraphy on their very special day. I will try to accommodate your needs, and more importantly, your budget! 

Drop me a line so I can help you with your calligraphy needs!

Much love,



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