Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for your interest in my Semi-Custom Suite collection! I bet you have a few questions so please review some basic FAQ below to get going!

If you can't find any immediate answer to your questions, feel free to send us a message at! 


Why should I get your semi-custom suite as oppose to hiring you for a full-custom suite?

Time and budget will be the main reasons to go with semi-custom suite. Although I would love to work with you on a fully customized suite, they take much longer considering we'll design everything from scratch. It could take a couple of months for us to finalize your estimate and scope of work before we can even begin our design process. From there, we still have to go through multiple drafts and revisions prior to sending your suite to production. In addition, there are designs and color combination that are amazingly popular with my previous clients that will save both our time by presenting them as a ready-to-order options for you to begin with. 

Shorter design time means less fees I will charge for design. That means lower cost to compare if you order the same design as a custom invitation.

What can I customize with semi-custom suite?

Quite a bit actually! Design wise; you will be given a couple options on how I write your names in calligraphy and serif or san-serif fonts (both options will be shown in your first draft unless noted otherwise). There are various different printing methods and paper combinations you can select. Each will provide completely different look and feel for your full suite. There are a few color schemes you can choose that might not be shown in our photos. If you think of any, let us know and we can definitely offer a few color combo options that you're leaning toward.

What's included in your semi-custom suite?

In addition to the printed product, you will also receive 2 rounds of digital drafts to make sure it's absolutely perfect to print. Your first draft will have 3 options to showcase different calligraphy, your selected color schemes, and fonts. Printed return address on both RSVP and back flap is included in the price. Digitally printed envelope liners are also available for all paper except Arpa and Farmette option.

What's not included in the price:

  • Front calligraphy addressing

  • Vintage stamps

  • Stuffing labor and material

  • Wax seals

Why can't I have all possible color scheme with printing method that I want?

To simplify your ordering process, I'm keeping all the printing methods uniform throughout the whole suite. That means if you chose "digital printing", this will be the printing method for invitation, rsvp, details, and return address. Unfortunately, some printing methods require lighter color paper to shows up. The only 2 printing methods that can be printed in all color scheme are foil press and screen printing. 

I see a suite that might as well have my name on it, how do I place my order?

I love you! Choose your printing method, paper type, and quantity from the design that you like with the amount of piece(s) you need for your event. This will prompt you to fill in multiple questions regarding text, color scheme, and other goodies needed for me to create your first digital draft. If you forgot about them or made a mistake, no worries, you can write me an email about those. If you want to see more than one color scheme, add the extra on your notes so I can incorporate them on your drafts.

I see a design that I love but my wedding has a different color scheme that's not in your pre-approved schemes. Anything we can do about that?

Yes, please add "custom color scheme" in your cart with your custom suite order! What does this entail and why is this an additional service? Because I would need to source all the other additional materials (envelopes, papers, etc) to match your color scheme, a couple rounds of physical samples to make sure we're loving what we see digitally as much as in person, and do any necessary tweaking on the design to make sure all the ink/liner colors stay cohesive with your new color scheme.

I like what I'm seeing but none of the semi-custom suite hit the spot perfectly. Can I still hire you?

Definitely! I would love to work with you on a custom suite! Do keep in mind that custom designs definitely take much longer to complete, so we need to make sure of our timeline too.

Is it always more expensive to hire you for a custom suite?

Not necessarily. We can mix and match different printing method to keep your budget under control. 

What's the timeline until I can get my suite done?







It varies depending on how long our revisions will be, your selected printing method, and if there's any additional service (i.e. addressing, stuffing, wax seal, vintage stamps) that is needed with your suite. But here's the basic time frame I'm comfortable to give:

  • Initial draft: 1 week after your order confirmation

  • Printing time line after final proof: 1 week for digital printing, 2 week for letterpress and foil on cotton paper, 2 weeks for screen printing, 2 weeks or longer for letterpress and foil on cotton paper.

  • Addressing: 1 week per 100 addressing after printing is done.

  • Stuffing: 3 days per 100 suite after addressing is done.