NY Invitation/RSVP/Details

NY Invitation/RSVP/Details

from 750.00

Modern | Simplicity | Sophisticated

Created with a New York modern bride in mind with Ruth's signature calligraphy, matching return address, and lots of negative spaces. All calligraphy is done by hand prior to digitally vectorizing, which means each writing is unique and one of a kind.

Included in the pricing are Invitation, RSVP, Details card, return address for back flap envelopes and RSVP envelopes in matching printing method as the rest of the suite, and botanical floral liners for non-handmade paper envelopes.


Cardstock // Lettra // Silk and Willow // Farmette Press

  • Invitation Card A7 5"x7" 
  • Outer Envelope A7 5.25"x7.25"
  • RSVP 4Bar 3.25"x4.825"
  • RSVP Envelope 4Bar 4.625"x 5.125"
  • Details A2 4.25"x5.5"


  • Invitation Card Approx. 6"x8"
  • Outer Envelope Approx. 6.375"x8.375"
  • RSVP Approx. 3.5"x5.375"
  • RSVP Envelope Approx. 3.875"x5.5"
  • Details Approx. 4.375"x6.625"

How To Order

Please select paper, printing method, and the quantity that best reflect your need. Liners are available as an option for Cardstock, Lettra, and Silk&Willow paper regardless of your printing method. Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide envelope liners for Farmette and Arpa envelopes due to their handmade quality.

You will be asked to complete a semi-custom suite form before adding to your cart. You will need to provide text as it needs to be written for your suite, desired color scheme, and return address text as you want them to be printed. That information will allow us to work on digital drafts for your approval prior to printing. 

If you have more than one color scheme you want to consider, please include that in the notes section so we can incorporate them into your draft. Please keep in mind that not all color scheme can be printed digitally or with letterpress. Other than color scheme option(s), your draft digital draft will also include the different typeface (serif vs. sans serif), liners to match your color scheme, and custom calligraphy variations.

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Customization from left to right

New York Suite // Letterpress // Silk and Willow Paper // Blush Color Scheme

New York Suite // Digital Print // Lettra // White Color Scheme

New York Suite // Digital Print // Lettra // Cool Neutral Color Scheme


Special thanks

Plaster Surface: One Stone West | Engagement Ring: Susie Saltzman | Ring Box: The Mrs. Ring Box | Professional Photo by Tenth and Grace